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gx_contest's Journal

GX Contest
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Hi, and welcome to the GX Fanfiction Challenge Community! Each week, a new theme or prompt will be posted, and interested community members can write fanfics based around them—and then those fanfics will be judged by other members. If there are four or more entries in one week, there will be a mod's choice winner as well as one voted on by the community. If there are less than four entries, there will only be a community award.

This community is run in the same format as dn_contest.


I. Don’t post anything that’s not for the contest, or connected the weekly prompt. There are plenty of other places to post unrelated work. You are more than welcome to post things you’ve already written if they’re connected to the prompt, however.

II. All pairings, ratings, genres, characters, and concepts are permitted and encouraged. However, you are urged to warn for NSFW material, spoilers, and themes that you think need to be warned for, such as rape.

III. For the sake of neatness, LJ-cut all your entries.

IV. There is a big difference between flames and constructive criticism. The former will is not allowed, and the latter is encouraged. Be honest, but use basic courtesy when you’re doing it.

V. You may submit as many entries as you like per theme.

VI. Every Friday, a new prompt will be announced. Entries will be due the following Friday, and a voting post will go up then, as well. On Monday, the winners will be announced.

VII. You may not vote for yourself. I’m sorry if this ruffles any feathers, but there are too many ways that this can be abused. You may not vote for more than one story.

VIII. Please include the theme and the week number in your header. (Ex: week #87 - insomnia) Also, please format your work in this manner:
Word Count:

IX. Please tag your entries with your username and the prompt. (Ex: thatisanespeon, week #34 - ruby carbuncle)


If you have any questions or complaints, please go to this post, and leave a comment! Also, go to this post, to suggest prompt ideas. Your moderator is speaky_bean.


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