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22 November 2010 @ 12:05 am
Week #6 - Money  
This week's theme is:


~Entries are due by November 26th, at midnight (EST).

~Hello there! Since we haven't really had any activity lately (I think I started this place at a bad time) I forgot to actually put up a prompt. Even if you don't enter, I'd still like to continue putting up prompts in hopes of inspiring someone. Anyway, this week it's money. There are lots of options here. How much did the Tenjoins have to pay for Fubuki's "trip to America"? Is anybody having trouble paying for their stay at Duel Academy? What would happen if the Manjoume family lost their fortune? There are lots of options, so have fun!

~Please put this in the subject and tag lines of your posts: week #6 - money. Tag with your user name, too.